BOLT END - 120 CM - Oil Skin - Solid - Sand

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What is Oil Skin?

Oil skin is a firmly woven cotton fabric with a wax layer. The wax layer provides a soft shine and the fabric acquires a water-repellent character. The fabric has a slightly greasy touch to it. Initially, this wax layered fabric was developed for fishery. The wax layer made the clothing water-repellent and also breathable. Nowadays these characteristics make the fabric extremely suitable for coats, bags and backpacks.

Characteristics of Oil skin

The Oil Skin is only available on rolls to maintain the highest colour quality. Folds and creases cause the wax to move, resulting in light lines. This is not a defect and easy to solve by ironing the fabric between two sheets of baking paper. But what you will love about Oil Skin is that these folding lines make the fabric richer and tougher. The material starts to live just like leather does.

Oil skin usage tips & tricks

Oil skin usage tips & tricks Washing and steam ironing the Oil Skin will cause the fabric to lose its wax layer and affects the water-repellent character. We therefore advise against washing this material. When sewing, treat the fabric as a sturdy fabric or jeans. For multiple layers, always use a jeans needle and lower the speed of the sewing machine to relieve the engine. The fabric slides easily through the sewing machine.
And further: Do not use pins, but wonder clips to prevent visible holes
The fabric becomes lighter over time.
The wax layer can be repaired with special treatment mineral oil or wax, this recovers the colour.
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