Lingerie sewing with Rebecca's Art Box 1/2019

Lingerie sewing is fun and doesn't take a lot of fabric. When you get into the groove you sew one pair of undies and another one and maybe another one and then you probably need a matching braletter or bra to go with it, and then another pair of undies ;)

Sewing undergarments are great "in_between" projects where little preparation is required and fabric scraps are easily used for all or parts of the project.

Rebecca and I hope that the Art Box will entice you to dive into the world of makinf underwear and that you will create some beautiful peices for yourself.

And since we don't want you to despair to find the perfect pattern, we have made a list of patterns we would recommend to try.

Happy sewing!


Bralettes and Bras

Kimono & Co 

Undershirts and Tops


Pattern Suggestions - Art Box 1 /2019 - Lingerie

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