Red Semi Truck Patch

Patch 160 - Red Semi Truck 7 x 9 cm - Iron On

Patch 160 - Red Semi Truck 7 x 9 cm - Iron On

Red Semi Truck
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Iron-On Patches Instructions

  • Place patch on desired location. (Make sure the fabric is nice and flat)
  • Place a towel or pressing cloth on top of the patch
  • Press iron onto the cloth and apply pressure for 5-8 seconds
  • Repeat process until glue has melted and adhered to the fabric



Not all fabrics are suitable for iron on patches.

Only use on cotton fabrics or other fabrics that are suitable for high temperature ironing

We recommend sewing the patch in place after ironing.

Patch adhesive is not designed to withstand repeated washing when applied with a home iron.


Sew-On Patches Instructions

  • Select desired location on your garment.
  • Use hand sewing needles and thread in patch color to stitch patch in place
  • For larger patches it may be helpful to use a permanent or temporary adhesive to keep the patch in place such as spray glue etc.