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Peony Lane Poms - Various Sizes - Blackbird

Approximate sizes*
Small: 5"
Medium: 5.75"
Large: 6.5"

* Poms are tricky to measure, this size is the length of the pom pom from tip to tip when placed on a ruler

Each of our poms come with a snap attached. One half the snap is attached to the pom, the other half is to be pulled off the snap and sewn to your item. ViolĂ , a beautiful pom pom which can be removed when your garment or accessory needs to be washed.

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Peony Lane Poms - Small (5.5") - Blackbird 2
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Peony Lane Poms - Small (5.5") - Blackbird
Peony Lane Poms - Medium (5.75") - Blackbird

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Peony Lane Poms - Largel (6.5") - Blackbird

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The Blackbird Pom is a returning favorite - It is fluffy and silky just not quite as much of a blue tinge and with wispy black tips The faux fur is red with a slight maroon tinge, this pom is oversized and is the perfect topper for any and all toques