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Peony Lane Poms - Various Sizes - Chestnut Dark Brown

Approximate Sizes*
Small: 6.5"
Medium: 7"
Large: 7.5"

* Poms are tricky to measure, this size is the length of the pom pom from tip to tip when placed on a ruler

Each of our poms come with a snap attached. One half the snap is attached to the pom, the other half is to be pulled off the snap and sewn to your item. ViolĂ , a beautiful pom pom which can be removed when your garment or accessory needs to be washed.

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Peony Lane Poms - Large(7.5") - Chestnut Dark Brown
Peony Lane Poms -Small (6.5") - Chestnut Dark Brown
Peony Lane Poms -Medium(7") - Chestnut Dark Brown


We have finally found the perfect brown pom pom. There are several shades of brown in this soft pom and it has the silkiest, long pile We love to match this pom with rich colour wools, mustard and greens are our favourite but it honestly matches so many different colours!