Shipping Update

I am so thankful for each of one of you and the support that you have given Mimifabrics;

especially since the changes that March brought to us all. Since March, I have been trying my best to keep my processing times down to 1-3 days. Since it is only me in the shop now to process orders, this has meant that I have been up until very late nearly every day.

While I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for each one of your orders, I am finding that I need to find a new, sustainable balance for myself and my children.

For this reason, I am introducing the following two changes in processing your orders, and hope that you all can understand.


1. Processing time for orders will extend from 1-3 days to 5-7 business days or 7-9 Calendar Days ( Business Days are Mon-Fri). While I will still strive to get your order on its way to you as quickly as possible, it may take a day or two longer than it did this summer.


2. First in first out: I do process orders in order upon which they are placed.

However, I do on occasion receive heartfelt private messages from mimimakers asking if I can make an exception and have their orders ready by a certain time. Unfortunately this is no longer sustainable. Too often, this means that I miss moments with my little boys, or that I then need to stay up extra late to get the orders due to be processed that day done.

Moving forward, unfortunately under no circumstances will I be able to honour these requests. I have been wrestling with this one because I love to get fabric into your hands as quickly as possible, but it is just no longer sustainable. I am hopeful that you all will be understanding of these changes.

As always, I am so appreciative of your support, be it orders, kind messages, suggestions or creative inspiration.


Shipping Times

Shipping Times