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Iron on Vinyl Sheet - Various Designs (Robin and Butterflies)

Our iron on vinyls are rubberized and contain some stretch.

This makes them perfect for application on knit fabrics.

Sold per 1 sheet

The sheet measures 22 x22 cm

The robin is approximately 7cm tall

The small heart is approximately 1.7cm tall

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Iron-On Vinyl

  • Place Vinyl on desired location. (Make sure the fabric is nice and flat)
  • Place a towel or pressing cloth on top of the vinyl
  • Turn off steam function on your iron
  • Set iron between 120 and 160 degrees celsius
  • Press iron onto the cloth and apply pressure for 10-15 seconds
  • Let the application coold down
  • Gently test peeling the membrane and check if the vinyl has properly melted to the fabric
  • Repeat process until glue has melted and adhered to the fabric