Madeira - Cotona No.80 White Col. 502 - 100% Mercerized Cotton

Product Details:

Name: Cotona
Weight: No.80 — dtex 75 x 2
Art. No.: 9380
Use: Machine embroidery, Quilting, Sewing
Material: 100% Double Mercerized Cotton
Makeup: 200m Snap Spool
Colors: 11


Cotona 80

  • Extra fine machine embroidery thread made of best Egyptian cotton
  • Ideal for detailed embroideries and for small lettering especially on ties, handkerchiefs or delicate fabrics
  • Recommended needle: embroidery needle NM 75-80 

The machine embroidery thread Cotona is made from 100% mercerised Egyptian cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre that is produced from the seed fibres of the cotton plant. Cotton is soft to the skin and has a very low allergic potential. MADEIRA cotton threads are Oeko-Tex certified with the highest “product class 1”.

What does "mercerized" mean?

Mercerization is a finishing treatment which enhances the strenght, lustre and color uptake of the fibre. It also reduces shrinkage from washing.




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Ratings & Reviews

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