Articles by Miriam Roemer-Arifovic

Articles by Miriam Roemer-Arifovic

Miriam has a deep love for fabrics and fibres and enjoys curating a selection of textured and printed fabrics for her shop. She likes to share her deeper knowledge of fibres and real life application of materials with her peers and welcomes conversations to futher explore this limitless craft.
From Fibres to Thread to Fabrics - Understanding fabrics and how they are made

From Fibres to Thread to Fabrics - Understanding fabrics and how they are made

One of the most common questions we get asked about at the Mimi shop, is about the many types of fabrics, and how to differentiate between them. More often than not, the terms for fibres and fabrics get mixed up, leading to much confusion. In this blog post, I would like to help you understand the differences, and learn more about this very important aspect of fabric selection. 

Let’s start right at the beginning. 

The most basic way to look at it is - FIBRE to THREAD/YARN to FABRIC

Once we start delving into the details, it gets just a teeny bit complex. 

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2 months ago
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How-to: Sew a simple everyday bag with zipper and adjustable strap
Gathering with your serger

Gathering with your serger

If you love all things peplum and ruffles then changes are that you are doing tons of gathering in your sewing endeavours.

While there are many different ways to achieve a beautifully spcaced ruffle or gather, the serger method is my absolute favorite one.

In the video instructions we have used the Baby Lock Victory serger and Madeira Serger threads but any serger machine can do this!

It's fast, it's easy and it looks amazing.

Keep on reading for the 5 easy steps to complete this sewing technique.

1 year ago
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